As far as I could tell, Mineral Point’s Candlelight Shopping Night was a big success this year.   Keith and I met up with friends and strolled through most of the shops in Mineral Point.  The weather was perfect (except for a dash of Wisconsin winter) and plenty of people were out enjoying themselves.  Our first stop was at the Kiwanis Club; they were literally roasting chestnuts over an open fire!  Tasty.  Somehow I ended up dancing and singing a Christmas carol with a random man.  It’s a good thing we stopped by early, when we came back around this way later in the evening, they had just run out of chestnuts.  After the snack, we went to the Mineral Point Collection.  They have many Cornish related items (jewelry, clothes, books, etc).  My favorite section of the store is at the back where they sell English foods such as teas, jams, and cookies (Keith says I should say biscuits here, not cookies).  In fact, they have the best selection of English tea I’ve seen anywhere in Wisconsin.  They have Twinings, PG Tips, Lifeboat, Taylors of Harrogate, and more.  We sampled some teacakes and Jaffa cakes; Keith bought two packages of McVitie’s dark chocolate digestives.  Another highlight of the night was Phoebe’s Nest where they have beautiful handmade jewelry, scarves, vintage furniture, tea sets, and more.  We also enjoyed some of Keith Huie‘s hilarious drawings at the Longbranch GallerySet in Stone Bookstore was very popular and we treated ourselves with some Kickapoo coffee , chocolates by Gail Ambrosius, and music by local musician Rick Harris.  Finally, we spotted Santa and his helpers caroling through the streets.  I guess he was getting in some last minute shopping too!

A Window Shopper


Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire






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