Our lot is 100 feet by 150 feet.  We have 14 inches of snow in our yard (I measured).  This means we have (roughly) 17550 cubic feet of snow right now.  What to do with it?  Well, I’ll use 300 cubic feet to make snowballs to throw at Leslie.  1206.34 cubic feet will make that 12 foot snowman I always wanted.  And Oliver (the dog) has already peed on about 2600 cubic feet.  That leaves 13443.66 cubic feet.  What to do with it?

Well, Leslie also happens to have a fridge full of grape syrup made from our Concord grapes this year (she claims that she meant to make syrup; I think she was making jelly and it didn’t go right).  So what do you do with a few gallons of grape syrup and a few tons of snow?  I don’t think I need to tell you:

snowballswithgrapesyrup…Grape Snowballs!


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