Apologies for the long delay between posts.  We’ve been preoccupied with taking care of Oliver (pictured).  He had a little health problem but that’s all cleared up now and it’s time to get back to blogging!  While he was recuperating, Oliver read some of the blog and was very disappointed in the lack of dog-centric content.  So in an effort to correct that injustice, here are Oliver’s five favorite things in the world:

1) Exclusively Pet & Bark Avenue Treats

Based in Milwaukee, this Wisconsin company makes treats good enough for people to eat.  Oliver’s favorite are the Bark Avenue Cookie Nibblers.

2) Alisha’s Best of Friends

Is it wrong when your dog doesn’t want to come home from the kennel?  Well that’s the case when he stays at Alisha’s in Dodgeville.  When we arrived home late one night after our flight was delayed, Alisha let us still pick up Oliver (way past closing time) so he didn’t have to spend another night in the kennel.  Of course, Oliver wished we would have left him there.

3) Fromm Family Dog Food

Oliver is, shall we say, picky when it comes to dog food.  This is only food that he doesn’t get bored with.  Fromm’s is an old Wisconsin company, based in Mequon.  Apparently, among other things, they developed the first canine distemper vaccine.  They produce a variety of flavors all made with high quality, human grade ingredients.  At the moment Oliver is eating Salmon a la Veg (fresh wild Salmon, real Wisconsin Cheddar, broccoli, apples and more).

4) Dodgeville Veterinary Service

Another surprise entry.  Got to admit this hasn’t always been Oliver’s favorite place to visit, but they took such good care of him that he’s just about convinced the vet isn’t actually the devil.

5) Sweaters

This one is hard for me to admit.  He likes clothes.  Ah, forget it, he loves wearing clothes.  I never thought I’d have a dog who dressed nicer than me.

Our first Contest!

A free packet of Bark Avenue dog treats to the first person who emails us the source of the quote used in the title.  Contest rules below:

Employee’s of DriftlessAppetite and their families are not eligible for the contest.  Yes, Oliver, this means you.  If you don’t own a dog, in lieu of the dog treats we will send you a dog.  And we’ll know if you just copy and paste the title into Google.  Okay, no we won’t.


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