How to tell it’s springtime in Wisconsin?

1.  It’s 45 degrees out and all the houses along my street have their windows open.

2.  The minute the last fistful of snow melts, my neighbor Mr. R revs up his lawn mower and works on his yard.

3.  There is an aroma of HAPPY COWS in the air.

4.  When Keith is chasing, throwing sticks, and yelling at Ollie dog in the yard because he is trying to swallow a prized delicacy (something furry, bloated, and stinky).

5.  Something nicer, finding a cluster of lily of the valley on the side yard.

6.  Lastly, when I can barely get any syrup to drip out of my last pint of Cooks’ Woods maple syrup!

Keith and I met with Dave Cook (owner/syrup master) on his farm last Saturday.  I found out some really interesting facts.  Did you know it takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup?  The smell was just amazing that I ended up ordering a dozen pints.  It’s also the best maple syrup I’ve ever tasted.  We will be doing a follow up post with pictures of the process this time because Keith will not forget the camera next Saturday for the open house 🙂  Also I might be a little less greedy by next week and will part with a pint for a giveaway.  Come visit again to have a chance at winning or you can just call Dave and place an order.

Cooks’ Woods Open House, Saturday March 27 from 9AM to 4PM

2176 Ebenezer Road
Fennimore WI 53809
Farm: 608-943-8099
Cell: 608-778-6954


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