Thank you to our maybe 10 readers out there!  We have had a lot of fun blogging and obsessing about food in Wisconsin so far.  There is one more year on our bluehost account so I guess we will have to keep on going!  As a special thanks we will be giving away one pint of Cooks’ Woods Maple syrup, one of the last ones this year, to a special reader (US only).  All you have to do is let us know  (1) what your last meal would be or (2) your favorite way to enjoy maple syrup.  The lucky winner will be randomly chosen. 

(1)  My last meal would have to be a bowl of hot, perfectly steamed jasmine rice with a fried egg on top (a little crunchy around the edges and the yolk just barely oozing out), a teaspoonful of bagoong (fermented anchovy paste), and a side of sliced tomatoes (no seeds).

(2)  I love a thick challah french toast drowned in maple syrup!

(1)  Keith: My last meal, margherita con salame pizza from Cafe Porta Alba.

(2)  I think pancakes, especially Leslie’s red velvet pancakes, are the best accompaniment to maple syrup.

We can’t wait to hear yours.  I’m expecting at least 10 comments 🙂


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