Last Saturday, Keith and I went to the first Mineral Point Market of the season.  The air was slightly cool and perfumed with lilacs and apple blossoms, the sun was shining, and everyone was glad to be  out of hibernation.  Our first stop was the Bures Berry Patch stand for their asparagus because they usually run out pretty fast.  Next was a nice challah bread from Bob and Mike.  I’ve never noticed before but they also carry cheesecakes and chocolate truffles (something I’ll have to try next time).  The BBQ sauce at Marr’s Valley View Farm caught my eye, Big Butz BBQ Sauce with cranberry so we bought a pint sized jar along with some pork shoulder.  I stopped by to chat with Claire of Lacey’s Lathers  and to smell some of her goats milk soaps and lotion bars while Keith made a beeline towards Mark’s table to get himself a cinnamon roll and a cherry croissant for me.  After that we admired some of Mike’s prize winning photos of Magic Light Photography.  Of course, one cannot miss the Shooting Star Farms  booth.  Rink and Jenny have the best vegetables.  We purchased some yu choy (on the far left of the pic), parsley, and ramps.  Rink informed me that he will have about 10 varieties of eggplant (my favorite fruit/vegetable) coming up this summer.  Our last stop was at the King’s Hill Farm table.  We bought some onions and an herb that was new to me called lovage.  It smelled a lot like celery.  Because of its name it has been used in many “love tonics” though it actually refers to the Latin name of where the herb first thrived (in Liguria, Italy).  Anyway, I’m going to use it when I make matzo ball soup later in the week.  Maybe Keith will finally fall in love with me!  Hey, anything can happen right?


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