(In honor of the return of Futurama to the airwaves) Good news, everyone!

Coming up on the 24th-25th of July is the 7th annual Kickapoo Country Fair.  The KCF is an organic food festival in LaFagre, WI .  We’ve not been before, but they have music, food, farm tours, Michael Perry, and more.

The festival is put together by Organic Valley, a dairy cooperative that started way back in 1988 (when you’re talking organic agriculture, that’s practically paleolithic).  I’m a fan of Organic Valley, they are a perfect example of how you can be big and sustainable.  And big they are; Organic Valley is the largest organic coop in the country.

Our favorite Organic Valley product (2% milk), Kickapoo Country Fair tickets, & our favorite companion to Organic Valley milk (strawberry-rhubarb pie)   

I don’t need to give you all the details here.  You can head on over to the event’s website or check out another Wisconsin blogger, Burp, who has already written a very informative post on the festival. 

Because we are such a powerful and influential blog (ha ha). the nice folks at Organic Valley have sent us a few gifts for our readers.  We’ll be giving away 2 prizes, 1) four passes for the Kickapoo Country Fair and 2) 5 coupons for free Organic Valley products + a nifty reusable bag.

In order to enter, you’ll need to comment on this post (be sure to leave your email) and tell us the name of your favorite valley in Wisconsin.  Make sure to let us know whether you are interested in the passes (we obviously want these to go to someone who will be able to attend).  There will be two drawings.  First for the passes from everyone that indicates an interest, then for the coupons among everyone except the winner of the passes (so if you are interested in the passes but don’t win them, you’re still in the running for the other prize).

The drawings will be made at midnight on the 9th of July (this Friday).  By the way, Burp (mentioned above) has another giveaway going as well, so you should enter over there as well.


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