The people of Mineral Point had something to celebrate on the fourth of July (uh… besides the birth of the nation).  Ice cream!  Sadly, Mineral Point had been without a proper ice cream joint for a few years before Atomic Ice showed up.  Just opened this weekend, Atomic Ice is a cute little ice cream and coffee joint right in the middle of High Street.  The news gets even better, Atomic Ice is a Chocolate Shoppe shop.  Chocolate Shoppe is a regional ice cream company based in Madison.  They have a handful of shops in Madison (the one on State Street is my favorite) and they sell their ice cream to restaurants, cafes, etc in the upper Midwest (and, according to their website, Washington, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arizona).   Pretty much every “tourist ready” town in Wisconsin comes with it’s own purveyor of Chocolate Shoppe ice cream.  And with good reason.  Chocolate Shoppe is, in my not so humble  opinion, the best ice cream to be found.   Need convincing?  I submit the nutrition information found on the side of their dish and on the back of every Chocolate Shoppe van:


Clearly, these people know what they are doing.


Don’t worry, there isn’t lead in the ice cream. There is, however, lead in the hills (this being a old mining town and all) which is why the entry for lead from the periodic table shows up in this mural created by local artist Keith Huie (not me) for the store.


Zanzibar Chocolate and Cookie Dough.


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