Though it’s the end of growing season in Wisconsin, I just thought I’d show you that I’m still eating locally and seasonally.  I’ve eaten two dishes of pumpkin ice cream within the past three days!  The one pictured below was from Atomic Ice.  One of my students actually told me about it.  I had never had pumpkin ice cream before plus she was so enthusiastic that I had to try it.  At first lick, I was hooked.  For my second serving, I happened to drive pass a Culver’s while out doing errands.  Guess what the flavor of the day was?  Pumpkin Pie.  Thoughts of my first pumpkin ice cream immediately came back, the lovely orangey-peachy color, scent, creamy texture, flavor, and spices.  I was salivating but I had to exercise some self control so I called Keith immediately.  The conversation went like this.

Me:  Honey they have pumpkin pie ice cream at Culver’s.  Do you think I should get some?

Keith:  Yes.

Me: OK! 

Chocolate Shoppe Pumpkin Ice Cream


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