For my birthday I received a beautiful Hess Pottery pie plate from my backup mother Donna.  I’ve never made a butter pie crust before, but now that I’ve got such a great pie plate I’ve got to, right?  I took my inspiration from Ruhlman’s cherry pie recipe, substituting rhubarb from my garden for the cherries.  Since we were having family over the weekend I thought they would be the perfect guinea pigs.  I tried to follow the recipe but the dough was really hard to work with, it stuck to my fingers and it was impossible to roll out even with the extra flour I was using.  So anyway, I decided to take the little pieces and crumbly bits and pressed them onto the pie plate!  Hey no one’s really going to pay attention to the bottom part, right?  I then put the rhubarb mixture in and worked on the lattice.  I didn’t have enough dough left over so I decided to make some more except I added more flour this time.  The dough was a lot better.

Okay, before I show you the picture, you have to promise you’re not going to head over to Ruhlman’s blog and tell him about how I mangled his pie recipe.  I take all responsibility; Ruhlman’s recipe is blameless.  Okay, here is a picture before going into the oven.


I can hear you snickering! ; )


And after.  (Not that horrible.)

The verdict:  I’m not even going to show you a sliced picture.  the bottom came out really thick and crumbly more like a bar instead of a pie crust.  I served it with vanilla ice cream.  Everyone asked for water with their pie so they would not choke on the dry crust.  I wasn’t that hurt, honest.  The lattice part was a perfect texture.  Next time I’ll will use more flour and probably have a little more patience!


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