The General Store is a Spring Green institution.  As popular with foreign tourists as it is with artsy locals, it is the single must visit restaurant in Spring Green.  Home of Bobfest (an annual tribute concert to Bob Dylan) as well as Paul Bentzen Day (celebrating the birthday of a local actor who’s chief claim to fame–in my book, anyways– is his role in the MST3K classic Giant Spider Invasion), it really is all things to all people.  Besides the cafe, there is also a store that sells clothes, spices, local foods, Tiptree Jam, novelty bandages and toilette paper with puzzles on it.  Like I said, all things to all people.



Pictured above are Leslie’s lemon tahini mixed green salad and Chili platter from our most recent trip.  There should be a picture of the “Chocolate Therapy” brownie but Leslie ate it before I could take a picture.  Leslie swears by the chili platter, but I prefer to go with the quiche or the special of the day.  Check out the website for the specials ahead of time– this is the part of the menu where they have some really unique offerings (i.e. Thai Tofu Curry with Potato and Pineapples or Pork Posole with Kale).  But no matter what you order don’t forget a bowl of one of their soups, which are the highlight of the menu.

I would generally try to describe most everything I’ve had at a restaurant when I write a review, but the problem here is that I’ve probably eaten here 50+ times.  You see, I work just down the street and most of our business lunches seem to end up here.

The food is good (and thankfully for someone who’s eaten there 50 times, unique), but ultimately it is the General Store’s sense of place that is undeniable.  There may be plenty of other  general stores, but there are no other General Stores.

By the way, the General Store has a very vegetarian friendly menu, if you’re in to that sort of thing.


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