Gaylord Anton Nelson, former Dane Country State senator and governor of Wisconsin, was a staunch advocate for the environment.  In 1970 he established Earth Day.  It is a special day to honor our connection with food, farming, and the earth.  Not until Keith and I moved to Wisconsin six years ago that we really thought about where our food came from.  Wisconsin is a state where the local food movement is exceptionally active, rightly so because of its bountiful land.  If you need any convincing  just check out Wisconsin’s Farm Fresh Atlases.  Places such as Shooting Star Farm for produce, Marr’s Valley View Farm for meat, and Uplands Cheese Company and many more have been great resources for us.  After some time, instead of referring to the company names we started saying Rink & Jenny’s veggies, Lois’ meats, and Andy & Mike’s cheeses.  We got to know the people behind the food.  Then, we made meals out of the food and shared it with family and friends. 

To celebrate Earth Day we would like to encourage you to host an Earth Dinner party keeping these three things as your foundations:

  1. Have a meal with as many local, seasonal and organic ingredients as possible.
  2. Know where your food comes from.
  3. Have meaningful conversation about food, farming, and your connection to the earth.

Another option is to attend an Earth dinner event.  In Wisconsin, UW Oshkosh will be holding their 3rd annual Earth Dinner on campus on April 2oth.  If you live in another state check out the Chefs Collaborative Earth Dinner participants.

Thanks to the generous folks at Organic Valley we are giving away a package complete with things you would need to host your own Earth Dinner party:

1.  One Year’s Worth of Free Organic Valley Products in the form of 52 free-product coupons ($520 value)

2.  Four Earth Dinner Books

3.  An Organic Valley reusable, packable shopping bag, for carrying all those delicious Organic Valley goodies.

Take a look at a 58 page dinner guide here.

*To win, you’ll need to do two things.  Share a fond memory/story involving food and “like” Earth Dinner on Facebook.  We will pick a winner at random on Earth Day, this Friday April 22nd.  Deadline is at noon.  One entry per person please.  Good luck! 🙂

What are you going to do to celebrate Earth Day?  Keith and I might go for a hike and a picnic at one of the many WI state parks.  If you’re near Madison there is the Governor Nelson State Park, named after the founder.

Beautiful Land in Gays Mills Wisconsin



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