A few weeks ago for my birthday, my friend Jai Kellum of King’s Hill Farm gave me an assortment of farm fresh eggs.  She brought me some chicken eggs, duck eggs, and some mammoth-sized goose eggs.  I had never tasted goose eggs before so I was particularly curious.  Jai said this is a special treat because per year, one goose lays about 90 eggs and they are only available from early springtime to mid-summer.  (In contrast, chickens can lay from 300 eggs and up year-round.)  The price per egg is $4 and I think it’s well worth it.  The yolk of one goose egg is equivalent to about 5 chicken egg yolks.  Because of its richness, goose eggs are especially desirable to home bakers and pastry chefs.

King’s Hill Farm adheres to certified organic practices.  All of the animals live free range in open pasture on the Kellum’s 850 acre property.  Keith and I look forward to our visit there this summer.  Meanwhile, check out Edible Magazine’s recent article featuring the farm.

A Gaggle of White Geese (photo courtesy of King’s Hill Farm)

Goose and Chicken Eggs

Goose Egg VS Chicken Egg


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