I just spent a lovely afternoon picking strawberries at Bures Berry Patch with my friend Claire.  We picked almost 20 lbs. of the delicious gems.  Picking was no easy task because it was a little hot and humid, there were a few bugs buzzing about, and squatting was a bit annoying.  I know, I’m such a whiner.  That is why I will forever remain an admirer of farmers and not become one of them.  We did make the best of our time at the patch.  After squatting for awhile, we decided to sit cross-legged on the cushy hay between the rows of berries, maybe pretended to have a tea party, and tasted one or two or ten morsels.

Rows of Strawberry Plants

It was my third visit to the patch since 2009.  Check out my first visit here.  Ed and Kathy Bures are still going strong and looking happy as ever providing such a wonderful experience for people in the community.  The season is short and the berries are exceptional so go as soon as you can if you want one last taste of spring.  I’m going to get myself a nice bowl of fresh strawberries from the kitchen right now.  Tomorrow, I will make some jam or preserves and maybe some pancakes the morning after.

Delicious Berries

Take a look at this picture of Keith’s Grandpa Jim in England.  He used to own a strawberry patch!


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