This is the easiest and one of the most satisfying desserts I’ve ever made.  We just got back from a trip to the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan).  While the strawberry season here is over and summer is upon us, it is springtime up north and the berries have just started to ripen.  We brought some back from Crane Berry Farm in Chassell.  The town will have their annual strawberry festival this coming weekend.

Delicious Taste of Spring



  • a handful or a generous cup of berries (from Crane Berry Farm
  • 1/2 t. granulated sugar
  • mascarpone cheese (BelGioioso)
  • balsamic strawberry syrup

To make the dessert, take a handful of berries, quarter each piece, dust with a bit of sugar, and top with a generous dollop of mascarpone cheese.  I also happen to have some strawberry preserves with balsamic vinegar that I made a couple of weeks ago with berries from Bures Berry Patch so I drizzled a bit of the syrup over the mascarpone and berries.  The last step is unnecessary but it sure does make it a bit more special 🙂

Balsamic Strawberry Preserves


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