We were meeting some friends for lunch in Chicago.  After they found out that we were stopping for smoked fish, they suggested we meet them at Hot Doug’s for lunch, another entry from the No Reservations Chicago episode.  Among other things, Hot Doug’s is famous for it’s long lines (see above).  There’s no better feeling in the world then seeing a line this long and then getting to cut in halfway because your friends have already been waiting in line for 30 minutes (thanks Christine & Mark!).


The picture above shows everything we ate (in the interest of full disclosure, there’s a corndog in the background that’s also mine).    I’m going to hand it over to Leslie to describe her food.

Leslie: I chose the Foie Gras & Sauternes duck sausage with truffle aioli foie gras mousse and sel gris from the special.  The combination was so evil and fantastic that my vision got a little blurry after the first bite!  I also ordered the “Keira Knightley” (formerly Jennifer Garner and Britney Spears) it was a little spicy.  There was also a “Salma Hayek” which is supposed to be mas caliente than the Knightley.  I would have to agree with Doug’s choices since I think Salma is waaay hotter plus I don’t think Keira Knightley has ever eaten a hotdog!  I alternately took bites between the two hot dogs since the foie gras one tasted too creamy, the spicy one cut the fatty taste of the former one (not that it was in any way lowfat!).  To add to the calorie damage, we ordered a side of duck fat fried fries!  I could feel my heart trying to pump harder.  All in all, it was a wonderful experience but I probably will not go back for about 5 more years.

Keith: I had a Chicago style dog, a polish sausage, and a corndog.  They were good.  (Can you sense a small difference in writting style between Leslie and I?)

The hot dog, in particular, was as good as any I’ve ever had.  If you’re not used to Chicago style, the condiments can seem like too much, but give it a try; they balance perfectly.  And the duck fat fries were awesome.  I’ll also mention the pleasant surprise that they carried Gus soda.  Gus is a line of tart, only slightly sweet sodas that I grew attached too when they were available at World Market, but now they’ve become harder for me to find.

On the way out I wanted to walk past the line (which was still very long) and talk loudly about how dissappointing the food was, see if we could get a few people to  abandon the line.



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