Keith and I have been enjoying the season by shopping at our local farmer’s market almost every  Saturday.  Local food is incredibly abundant at this time.  There are over thirty farmer’s markets in Southwest Wisconsin alone, some of which are listed here.  In addition are the multiple farm stands that you’ll find while driving along the country roads and sometimes in regular neighborhoods.  My favorite find last year was a cantaloupe and honeydew melon stand set up at someone’s driveway.  The stands are usually unattended.  All you have to do is pick out what you like and leave the payment in a box.

Below is a picture of yesterday’s amazing haul from our favorite farmer’s market.  We bought some farm fresh eggs from Gough’s Gorgeous Farm Goods, 8 pints of raspberries from Bures, meats (ribs, ground beef, and pork chops) from Marr’s Valley View Farms, veggies (beets, carrots, and peach tomatoes) from Shooting Star Farm, and some eggplant from the Buckhaus Farm.  I froze most of the berries and made a couple of jars of raspberry jam.  I will use the rest of the ingredients throughout the week and hopefully come up with something fantastic to enter in the Madison Area CSA Coalition Recipe Contest.  Winning entries will be included in their “Farm-Fresh and Fast” cookbook project.  Previous projects include 3 editions of the popular “From Asparagus to Zucchini” cookbook.

Gorgeous Local Food

Madison Area CSA Coalition Recipe Contest

The Madison Area CSA Coalition is seeking recipes designed by community members like you for their “Farm-Fresh and Fast” cookbook project. They are looking for original recipes that feature fresh, local produce and are ready to serve in under 60 minutes. (i.e., things that would be good for weeknight meals). If they select your submission(s) for publication, you’ll see your name, and your culinary creation, in print!

The link below has all the details of the contest.  You can submit as many recipes as you wish.   Please forward the contest to anyone else who may be interested in participating.



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