Two weekends ago, we attended the Kickapoo Country Fair up in LaFarge, WI.  It’s an event put on by Organic Valley to highlight local and organic food.  We’d actually wanted to attend last year but had been busy.  This year they invited us up to cover the event as jounalists–and I love it when people confuse us with the real media, so we just had to go.  First impressions of LaFarge were…amazing.  It’s a beautiful location.  Definitely driftless, but quite different than our part of the state.  I want to buy a little vintage British convertible to drive around those country roads on the weekend.  The closest we’d been to LaFarge before was Viroqua. It just goes to show how much exploring we have left to do before we really know this area.

There was quite a lot going on at the fair. Food, politics, chocolate milk samples, farmers, make-your-own ice cream, handmade brooms, experimental Americana music, etc. The highlight for Leslie was eating 9 different dairy products. That’s a high for her– I call that a Tuesday. The highlights for me included talks from Sam Thayer, a Wisconsin native and national recognized foraging expert (pictured lower left), and most especially Will Allen, the founder of Growing Power (pictured top center). If you haven’t heard of Growing Power it’s an exciting non-profit based in Milwaukee that creates urban gardens, teaches sustainable farming, and generally works to get people closer to their food.  And if that isn’t cool enough for you, they are into vertical farming.

We also got to meet Andrew Zimmern, completing our Travel Channel food show host collection.   Also, Leslie got a sunburn– while I was fine. Sure, I had to wear a long sleeve shirt, hat, scarf, sunblock, and carry an umbrella, but still.  Had a great time, and we’d really recommend you check it out next year if you can.

And how can I talk about going to the fair without ending on this:


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