On December 10th Arcadia (the new book store in Spring Green) hosted a special dinner with Isaac Spicer, the chef of Milkweed.  Everything for the 5 course (+ an amuse-bouche) dinner was sourced locally, from within 30 miles of Spring Green (and local is not always an easy task in Wisconsin in December).  After the starters (homemade breads with lots of whipped butter) there was a squash soup with micro-greens and pickled radish, followed by a roasted beet and Pleasant Ridge Reserve salad.  The main course was Guinea Hog cooked with apple cider, served with wilted spinach and mashed potatoes+celeriac.  Finally, for dessert, there was a a choux-style pastry filled with (lightly) carmelized apples and custard and served with more custard as well as raspberry and mint sauces.  Given our previous experiences with Milkweed, we expected excellence and we were not disappointed.  For me the highlight of the meal was the roasted beet salad, but the whole meal was top drawer.

Of course, this dinner has already happened, so what good does this do you?  Well, if you are reading this before January 1st (2012) then you’ve got a chance to book one of the last few seats left for the New Year’s Eve dinner at Arcadia, once again with Isaac Spicer.  If you are reading this too late or already have plans, the good news is that the dinners has been well received so far and I believe Isaac Spicer and Arcadia intend to have at least one more event this winter.  And, of course, even when Isaac is busy elsewhere, Arcadia has various themed dinner nights (check out their facebook page for more info).  I haven’t really mentioned Arcadia too much, but it both an awesome bookstore and a great venue for these wonderful dinners (they also served lunch snacks during the day, by the way).


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