Did you know that the blueberry muffin is Minnesota’s official muffin!?!  Some third graders wanted to see if they could get a law passed and they did so the state got its official muffin in 1988 (State Handbook & Guide website).  So last week I was driving by the Brennan’s Market on University Ave. in Madison and I saw a sign for 10 lb. boxes of Michigan blueberries.  At $25.99 per box (about $2.60 /lb), I thought it was a steal for this super food.  Yep, that’s right, most of if went into the freezer!  As you may remember from my Bure’s Berry Patch post, I’m a little obsessed about freezing produce (not just any produce, great produce) to save for the winter.  The berries were gorgeous, succulent, and sweet with each as big around of a penny.  Anyway, I had about a pint left of unfrozen berries that were going to go bad soon so I decided to make some muffins.  I used a recipe called “To Die For Blueberry Muffins” from Allrecipes with some slight modifications.  I can never follow a recipe to the point.  Keith thinks it’s because I’m just THAT stubborn.  I like to think of it as creativity 🙂  When he likes something that I make, he gets a little  sad because he will never taste it the same way again.  Who wants to eat the same thing over and over again?  That’s sooo boring.  Plus, I don’t think anything can be recreated exactly as it was before unless it’s made in a factory.  Right?


*I decided to add a couple hand fulls of oats then added a splash more of milk.  I used less sugar and I did not put any cinnamon in for the topping (it takes away from the star of the show).  Oh, and I used an entire pint of blueberries instead of the recommended 1 cup.  The eggs I used were from the Jelle farm.


The muffins came out perfect.  Not too sweet, buttery and crunchy on top.  The crumb was not too soft or cake-like which I dislike in a lot of muffins.



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