Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend everyone.  Let’s go to Ireland!  Last spring, my mom, my brother, and I went on our first trip to Ireland.  Mostly we stayed and explored Dublin and its surrounding area.  For a couple of days we drove up the east coast and ended up exploring some parts of Northern Ireland as well.  The main impression I have of Ireland was that the everyone we met was extremely nice.  (Maybe even nicer than my family.)  The first thing we did when we arrived was to find the kitchiest pub, listen to some music, eat oysters, and drink some Guinness.  It is true that the best Guinness is in Ireland.  Guinness in America just doesn’t compare.  The same goes for it’s oysters.  They were the fattest, most succulent, and cleanest tasting oysters I’ve ever had.

 When In Ireland

I highly agree to the statement that the best way to get to know a place is by tasting its food (with music being the second criteria).  A visit to the Dublin Farmer’s Market was at the top of our list.  I loved seeing a pile of salmon heads and roe in open air, prepared rabbits and pig’s heads from a butcher’s window, and a lot of stands teaming with fruits and vegetables.  The city is pedestrian friendly.  We shopped a bit around Grafton St. and walked around Trinity College.  I’m not a big fan of long lines so we did not go see the Book of Kells.

 Dublin Market

What was interesting during that week was that the city was anticipating Queen Elizabeth’s first visit to Ireland.  Not since her grandfather exactly 100 years ago at the time had ever set foot in the country.  I’m not going to get into Ireland and England’s bloody history but the queen’s visit was a step toward building better relations between the neighboring countries.

Now on to the fun stuff.  We had Bewley’s coffee, porridge with honey and sultanas, milky tea, Irish breakfasts, meat pies, colcannon, strawberry lumpy bumpy, fish and chips with curry sauce, Durrus cheese and charcuterie from Sheridan’s Cheesemongers, Guinness, pear cider, oysters, mussels, more oysters, and more Guinness.

 Eating Ireland

The pictures below is proof that I do other things besides eating on trips.  I saw the tallest waterfall in Ireland, went to the Powerscourt Estate, visited Newgrange, walked across a rope bridge suspended over the ocean (that’s my mom in the picture below screaming while crossing the bridge), saw the Giant’s Causeway, and saw a little bit of Belfast.  So you see, after all that walking and traveling around, it’s ok that I ate so much.  Have a great day all 🙂

 Places to Go



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