This morning we visited our first farmers’ market of the season, the Mineral Point Farmers’ Market.  We got some spinach, leeks, butter lettuce, and asparagus as well as two packages of bacon (don’t judge) and all beef hotdogs for grilling out from Marr’s.  It was wonderful to see familiar faces again and to meet some new ones.

Spring Greens 

After the market, we visited our friends Krista Loomans and Aaron Weaver at the Green Lantern Gallery.  They are participating in Clay in May, a pottery tour in Mineral Point going on this weekend.  Looking at all the elegant and whimsical dishware made me very hungry so we went home soon after purchasing a couple of things and prepared a lovely springtime lunch below.


 Salad: Shooting Star butter lettuce ,  Bures asparagus, garden chives , Hook’s goat’s milk gouda, with lemon vinaigrette

Pasta:  Gnocchi, Bel Gioso parmesan, garden oregano

Dessert:  Garden rhubarb strawberry crumble

 We are looking forward to eating the best food in the Driftless Area this season.  REAP Food Group lists 70 farmers’ markets in Southern Wisconsin.  C’mon let’s market hop 🙂

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