A couple of weekends ago, Keith and I went to the opening day of the Spring Green Farmer’s Market.  The drive on Highway 23 never ceases to take my breath away, especially whenever we pass by Taliesin and the Wisconsin River.  The market was bustling.  We spotted our friend Rebecca Claypool of Yellow Barn Farm behind some crisp and colorful veggies.  I was taken by the garlic scapes (so freshly picked that the sap was still oozing out of them) and a basketful of beautiful pink turnips which I first thought were radishes.  You see, I have been trying to love the radish for awhile now and it hasn’t been working out.  Thankfully, Rebecca had some samples because I apparently love turnips!  To me, they tasted very close to jicama or singkamas which I ate growing up in the Philippines.  We ended up buying some of the pink turnips, shallots, and some Romaine lettuce.

First Market Day in SG

Something else that caught my eye was the My Fine Homestead setup.  The had all sorts of animals:  goats, kittens, and baby chicks.  Awww…how adorable, right?  It was a pretty hot day so after chatting with friends, we headed over to the General Store for an always reliably scrumptious breakfast.  We were happy to see that they now serve  Kickapoo coffee (our favorite brand).  Keith had the green chile breakfast burrito and I had buttermilk pancakes with peaches, raspberries, and blueberries (with whipped butter and real WI maple syrup).  Heaven.  What a beautiful morning. 🙂



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