Another favorite stop in Spring Green is Peck’s Farm Market.  There are two locations, East and West, both on Highway 14.  We usually visit the east location.  After an impromptu lunch date with Keith (he works in SG) at Shifflet’s, I drove past Peck’s and noticed a huge elk, and of course I had to stop and take a closer look.  The animal was about a foot taller than my barely 5’4″ height.  I tried to take a few pictures with it behind me but had no luck because it kept sticking its horns and mouth through the fence a bit aggressively.  Oh well, I said goodbye to my new friend and went into the store.

It was the last week to get fresh strawberries so I purchased four more quarts on top of the flat (8 quarts) I had purchased the weekend before.  Yes, I know I’m greedy.  In addition, I bought a bag of Lonesome Stone pancake mix, Straka Meats brats and hotdogs.  Peck’s is such a fun place to visit.  In the fall, we love to get caramel apples and watch the other animals they have at the petting zoo behind the shop.

Springtime Treat at Peck’s


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