Good morning sunshine!  So my friend B decided to give me some fresh sourdough starter a couple of days ago when he dropped off his kids for music lessons.  What was he thinking?  I need some time (at least a month) before I commit to taking care of millions of hungry microorganisms.  I read that one is supposed to feed it.  “Feed it with what?”  asked my friend D (who I talk to whenever I panic about trivial things).  “Steak!”  I joked.  After four years, my dog Oliver still has to remind me at times to feed him.  What about when I go on vacation?  Is there a special starter “kennel”?  Or when I’m out with friends?  Hey guys, sorry I have to go home to feed the dough!  My anxieties eventually subsided and I decided to start off easy made some pancakes.  Oh, it only took a day but it was well worth it.  I served it for dinner last night with grilled Georgia peaches and Michigan blueberries that I purchased from Tree Ripe, and drizzled with our favorite maple syrup from Cooks’ Woods.  Best pancakes I’ve ever made according to Keith.  They were very light and fluffy with a bit of stretchiness.  I’m even thinking about making a sourdough boule next.  Wish me luck!  Thank you for the gift B.

Fluffiest Pancakes Ever


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