Last Saturday we got to attend one of my favorite things in the spring.  Joe and Christy Cole’s first kiln firing party at Windy Ridge Pottery.  We were like moths drawn to flames toward the giant 3 chambered kiln dubbed “the camel” by my friend Claire.  Thank goodness there is always lot of scrumptious food and beer before you get too close!  Joe Cole has singed his eyebrows a couple of times but it is understandable because he is the master of the kiln (meaning, we let him do most of the work).  It is quite a difficult job because the fire has to be fed for 2 whole nights.  Christy, the mistress of the kiln, had to stay up the second night (after most of us have gone home to bed).  The kiln was finally opened yesterday.  After a bit of inspection and cleaning, they will be ready for Clay in May this weekend.

The Camel


We feasted on brats, burgers, chips, cookies, carrot cake, pesto pasta salad, spicy garbanzo bean salad, quinoa and carrot salad, and New Glarus ales.  The first time we went was in 2010.  We have met so many great friends there!

A Fine Evening



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