Hi everyone, I’m back to blogging after taking the month of August off.  How is your summer going?  Keith and I have been keeping ourselves pretty busy.  We’ve done a lot of kayaking, bonfires with friends, went sailing for the first time, drove out west, had a kimchi party; We’ve enjoyed meals in the open air as often as possible, attended the American Cheese Society Festival, spent some time in the garden and more.

The kitchen is looking pretty sweet right now with the season’s bounty.  There is a curtain of herbs drying in front of the east-facing window which will be mixed to create a Buttonhill House blend for the winter.  I’ve got a huge bowl of tomatoes to make sauce with tomorrow and another bowl of Harrow’s Delight and Asian pears from one of my favorite people.  (Check out this month’s issue of Voice of the River Valley for my article about Mike Manogue.)  Atop a three-tiered server sits some garlic, onions, and purple potatoes.  The other day while hiking up on Merry Christmas Mine Hill, I found several wild plum trees heavy with ripened fruit!  I picked some and made a couple of jars of plum and pear jelly to add to my collection of preserves.  I present to you my spring/summer collection: strawberry-basil jam, raspberry-violet syrup, raspberry-basil-apple jelly, peach-chestnut jam, peach basil jam, roasted butter gooseberry jam (which I wrote about on High Street Beat), and the latest, plum-pear jelly.  In the next month, I will be making some apple preserves as well as a lot of Concord grape jelly (per Keith’s request since I only left him one jar the last time I made it).  I hope my friends will be happy with their holiday gifts!




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