Hello there.  I don’t know about you but Keith and I have been busy with various projects, work and travel.  In February, we got a little break from the brutal temperatures by spending a little time in San Francisco with good friends.  While there, I almost cried at the sight of a dandelion flower!  I’m sure you are as happy as I am with this nicer spring weather.  It has just been gorgeous out with that intense green.  This evening, I made a beautiful rhubarb gin and tonic cocktail decorated with some wild violets that have been taking over the yard.

Spring Things


Spring is my favorite season so I thought I would put together a top ten list of things to do in the next couple of weeks.

1.  Attend Taste of Spring Green this Friday.

2.  Go morel hunting.  Check out this morel sightings map.

3.  Go to a farmer’s market.  Mineral Point Market opens this Saturday!

4.  Make sugared violets.

5.  Visit various artists studios through Clay in May this weekend.

6.  Take a cooking class at Campo di Bella.

7.  Make a spring bouquet.

8.  Visit your favorite garden center.

9.  Go to Derby Day at the Shed with  food prepared by Enos Farms.

10. Listen to my newly released album, Chained to the World, which includes the song “You Can Never Hold Back Spring”. 🙂


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