The bountiful season is off to a good start!  We have gotten some much needed rain in the past couple of days which means all the plants are getting nice and fat.  When the rain stopped for a bit yesterday morning, I went to check on my garden and gathered bits and pieces of herbs and flowers for breakfast.

Herbs & Edible Flowers


I came up with something that was a cross between a Korean pancake and a crêpe.   I warmed the flowers and herbs in some butter then poured the batter over it.  The flavor was intense with the lemon thyme, basil, garlic leaf, chives, chive blossom, parsley, peppery nasturtiums, and gochugaru.  I rolled it up with some sour cream.  Oh, and I garnished it with the one ripe strawberry from the garden.  It was lovely!

Savory Spring Crêpe


This morning, Keith and I went to the Mineral Point Market which looked just beautiful in the mist.  We met some old and new friends and got tempted to purchase a lot of  produce and some Marr’s sausages for breakfast!  Bures was there too selling their first strawberries of the season.  Even though we plan to go to the patch to pick, I just couldn’t resist buying a pint.  We also chatted a bit with farmer Rink of Shooting Star Farm about the state of local food and where it might be heading.

Market Basket



I hope you are all enjoying the season.  Happy weekend!

Garlic Scape



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