Last Saturday,  Shooting Star Farm was selling 20 lb. boxes of tomatoes.  If you’ve been following the blog from the beginning, I have a penchant for buying produce in massive quantities from the farmer’s market.  My favorite time to go is when they have just opened and everything is perfectly laid out (and I can get all the eggplants to myself!).  Keith likes to sleep in on Saturday mornings but he was kind enough (with only a few hours of complaining) to go with me so that he could carry the box while I proceeded with my shopping.  What a sweetheart.

We decided to make tomato confit using a recipe from a cooking class we took at L’Etoile last year.



Slice tomatoes in half and remove seeds by squeezing gently.  Drizzle with olive oil and add minced garlic (Tory Miller used thyme).  Season with salt and pepper.  Put tomatoes on a couple of cookie sheets.  Dry in a 170 degree oven overnight (about 8-10 hours*).  Store in olive oil.

*If you use tomatoes larger than Roma it may take up to 18 hrs.  We learned our lesson and the house smelled like an Italian restaurant for a couple of days.

The dried tomatoes tastes incredible as is but we will be posting a main dish soon.  What do you think about a Mascarpone Cheese and Tomato Confit Ravioli???


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