I have been having a recurring dream in which I am all alone in the middle of a field of strawberries.  I eat and I eat and I swell up and turn red (like Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).  Then I wake up.  You might call it a nightmare, but I don’t.  I think I’d be happier that way…


Wednesday  for breakfast I had  a strawberry smoothie using the last of my frozen berries.  Perfect timing, since it’s strawberry season and I’m about to make my annual strawberry picking visit to Bures Berry Patch.  Located between Barneveld and Ridgeway, Bures is one of the most picturesque ‘pick your own’ farm I’ve ever been too.  Ed and Cathy Bures started this sustainable family farm 7 years ago.  They have five picking seasons:

  • Asparagus – April-May
  • Strawberries – June
  • Raspberries – July through  October
  • Sweet Corn – July through September
  • Pumpkin & Squash – October

I woke up extra earlier and got there by 6:30 AM (they were open early due to the heat, it’s best to give them a call to check on their hours when your planning a trip out there).  It’s not exactly the easiest place to find (particularly in the morning fog) but once you get close enough, you can just follow your nose!

Ed was nice enough to let me interrupt his morning chores and talked to me about the farm.  I admit it was hard to pay attention because I kept looking over his shoulder at the strawberries.  Maybe I should have talked to him after I had a few.  So if you want to know what Ed said about his farm, I guess you’ll have to take a trip out there and ask him yourself.  🙂


When you arrive you are given a basket and assigned a row to pick berries.  Don’t miss the ones on the very bottom, some of the biggest and juiciest are down there.  Go ahead and try a few as you pick, they don’t mind.  But don’t try to be sneaky about it, the red stains on your lips will give you away.  Don’t worry, they won’t weigh you before and after picking, just the berries!  What’s really fun to see are the children with their crimson stained faces and clothes and mushed up berries in both hands.  There’s about one more week left for strawberry season so get there soon!



Bures Berry Patch strawberries also feature in the header image to our blog, which will change seasonally.


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