Saturday was the last farmer’s market in Mineral Point.  Though I’m a little sad, I know that it’s part of living in a place where you have to shift with the seasons.  I’m not sharing a recipe today or a restaurant review but just a few favorite snapshots I’ve taken at the market.   The vendors moved from their regular spot at the Water Tower Park to the more centrally located Library Park.  They are allowed by the city to do this only once at the end of the market season.


The reason for not allowing the market to set up at the Library Park is for purely aesthetic reason.  The city does not want to get patches on the grass.  Having the farmer’s market at the Library Park is ideal because it’s right in the heart of High Street.  What better way to showcase local goods and the unique people that make up this community than having the market right where locals and tourist alike hang out.  This prime location would increase traffic into the stores, restaurants, and galleries which is a great benefit for the community.


May I suggest an alternative to the City of Mineral Point.  What about closing down a section of North Chestnut Street from one side of High Street to the other  side of Jail Alley (right next to the park and bordered by the Old Royal Inn on the opposite side)?  Yes there will still be a lot of people communing at the park especially the children, but a park should not merely serve as a pretty place to look at.  A few missing patches on the grass should simply mean a place where friends met for the first time, family togetherness, a spot where one ate a delicious raspberry croissant, or where a group of young ones gathered to play a simple game of tag.


So after getting used to routine of going to the market every Saturday I did not know what I was going to do tomorrow morning.  I only speak for myself since Keith is a fan of sleeping in and I always have a hard time getting him up for the market.  I’m the only person I know that does not like to sleep in on Saturdays (Mondays is a different story).  To my utter delight, guess what was in my g-mail in-box this morning?  An email from Lois Federman saying that there will be an indoor market from 9 to noon at the Old Royal Inn every Saturday until December! Many thanks to Mark & Jennifer Bendorf, owners of the Old Royal Inn for hosting.  I love this town.



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