Two weekends ago we went to Grandma’s Kitchen in Highland, WI based on a recommendation from Rick Terrien.  He said it was the place for pies.  It’s right on Main St, you can’t miss it, although there is construction partially blocking the street at the moment.  We originally intended to just stop in and sample a couple of slices of pie, but the place looked so inviting that we ended up ordering far more than we could eat.  Above is the pork sandwich with (sour cream and chive? I can’t remember) fries.  Below is the truly monster club sandwich (and notice my Oreo coffee cup in the background, it was my first time there and they already knew what cup to give me).  Everything was prepared right in front of us in the open kitchen, and it was all tasty.  We talked with “Grandma” (real name Tess) a little.  We chatted with some of the other patrons; one girl offered her lemon meringue pie to Leslie when it turned out to be the last.  The fire truck stopped outside and Grandma took their order for coffee and hot chocolate. You think I’m making this up, don’t you?  I’m pretty sure they don’t make places like this anymore.


Oh, and the pie.  We had stuffed ourselves so we decided just to share one slice, of coconut cream pie.  It was exactly as good as  thought it would be.  Creamy, not-too-sweet, perfect crumbly crust.  Next time we may have to skip lunch so we can fit in a few more slices of pie.



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