Last Friday we went to Steve’s Pizza Palace in Platteville.  Steve’s makes a nice pie, with plenty of tasty cheese, a nice chewy crust and (in our case) homemade sausage.  Now this not at all like my ideal pizza (which you can read about here) but it’s pretty typical American thin crust.  But well executed.  We also had a Greek salad that was refreshingly mild (I usually find Greek salads way to acidic).  Unfortunately it was snowy and we were tired and in a rush, so we only got these two lousy pictures.

I know, I know, the pictures aren’t going to convince you to go.  But I really liked Steve’s.  What you don’t see here is that it seems to be the “local joint” in Platteville.  While we sat there, there was a constant stream on regulars in and out; stopping to chat with their friends and treating the place like it was home.  The other thing you can’t see here is that Steve’s is a little bit crazy.  Go to their website and look at the Cove to see one of their “theme rooms”.  Cosy + crazy is a keeper in my book.  Plus they are open until 130AM on the weekends which is pretty rare out here.

This spot could easily be a dominos or pizza hut.  It’s not though, and Platteville is much better off for it.  Steve’s has character– you know where you are when you’re there.  And that means a lot, at least to me.  This is, of course,  an outsiders view (believe me, we’re outsiders in Platteville).  I’d love to hear from people that know the place better that us, what do you think?

*Their website shows there are other Steve’s Pizza locations in Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota all owned by different family members.  Thinking about it, I may have eaten at the Northfield location in the past…


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