Earlier in the spring we had the opportunity to visit the Wiesbrook farm in Mineral Point.  Clare Wiesbrook (pictured below with several of her happy and carefree goats) owns and runs Lacey’s Lathers, a goat’s milk soap business.  It is named after her very first goat Lacey who won Grand Champion Doe three times at the Iowa Country Fair.  Clare started her business in the spring of 2000 at the age of eleven.  What were you doing around that age?  Me?  I was probably singing to MMM Bop on the radio or pining after Jonathan Taylor Thomas.  (Keith is too embarassed to publish the nerdy activities he was up to.)

My favorite picture from the drizzly afternoon.  I love how Cathy (Clare’s mother) is smiling at them.

Clare and I met at the Mineral Point Market where I’ve bought some of her goats’ milk soaps and lotion bars.  I love her products so much that I often give them away as gifts to family and friends.  They are lightly scented, some with lavender, vanilla, strawberry, orange, or mint.  She varies the scents with the seasons and unscented ones are  also available.  The soaps are gentle and creamy without leaving a slippery film unlike most commercial soaps.  In the winter, I like to use the solid lotion bars because they are very rich and thick.  My favorites last winter were the chocolate and nutmeg scented ones.

I was impressed how Clare knew all the names of her goats because after awhile they all started looking the same to me.  Right now she has about 30 does (♫ Doe, a goat, a female goat ♫) and plenty of young ones.  Every spring each newborn gets a name and a picture to put into the goat family album.  The babies were extremely cute and we got to pet several of them.  Clare is very knowledgeable about these animals and she shares her passion and expertise by being an active 4-H leader and mentor.

Below is Elvis, the llama.  He was brought to the farm to watch the goats but look what has happened instead!

We had a wonderful afternoon at the farm.  It was just beautiful and idyllic all around plus the Wiesbrooks are such a nice family.  Clare mentioned that she might be opening the farm to the public in the near future.  If you can’t wait, call ahead.  I’m sure she would be more than happy to take you on a tour.  Oh, and don’t forget to try some of the soaps!

Lacey’s Lathers Goat Milk Soap

775 Hwy.  DDD Mineral Point, WI 53565

(608) 987-2027


Soaps drying. 


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