We finally made it to Viroqua!  Located in the Kickapoo Valley, Viroqua is a charming small town with great local food offerings.  Our first stop on Main St. was the Golden Oven Bakery.  We bought a piece of chocolate butter cream cake roll and a sourdough loaf.  The two ladies working there were very friendly and seemed to be in a blissful state.  I would be that happy too if I was surrounded by bakery smells all day and had easy access to that amazing chocolate roll.  The cake was light and airy but not too fine.  It had a slight crispness where it touched the cream which had just a kiss of sweetness.  They also offered a lemon roll that day but I regretfully decided not to purchase one.  We enjoyed some hot, buttery sourdough toast with our milky tea the day after.

After that I was drawn to a little shop with a bright red door called Pomegranate.  I had a nice chat with Angie, the owner and artist in residence.  Abouth 90% of the items featured are handmade by her and are influenced by her Native American heritage.  She also informed me that her daughter sells the best tamales (some wrapped in banana leaves and others in corn husks) at the Farmer’s Market which we unfortunately missed.  They were tearing down by the time we got there.  We also scoped out the goods at the Public Market and appreciated the local selection at the Bramble Bookstore

For lunch, we ate at the Driftless Cafe.  I ordered a burger made with locally grown and grass fed beef and Keith had a chicken curry with seasonal vegetables and rice.  The burger was perfectly cooked with just a hint of pinkness.  It was very juicy and flavorful.  The curry was mild yet creamy and luscious.  I even dipped my potato chips in the sauce.  Exquisite.

Sadly, we only had about a couple hours to spend in this lovely town.  We will definitely be back especially for those tamales.  Viroqua citizens, do you have any other suggestions for our return trip?


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