Meet Aaron Weaver and Krista Loomans.  They are potters who will be participating in Mineral Point’s Second Annual Clay in May Pottery Tour this weekend.   We met this wonderful couple about three years ago at the Mineral Point Farmer’s Market.  The picture below was taken last fall during the Fall Art Tour.  I was especially happy that day because I finally found some locally made egg cups (held by Aaron).  We have used them a lot for eating eggy soldiers.  They are strips of toasted bread dipped into a soft boiled egg.

Aaron & Krista

Krista’s style is based on wood-firing, and is influenced by her teacher Kevin Crowe , who she apprenticed with for three years in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia .  Her work is high-fire stoneware and porcelain fired in a wood kiln for several days.  During my last visit to her studio, a piece unlike any of her work that I had seen caught my eye.  It was a sculpture of a woman on the ground, in tears.  I found it quite profound because though the artist is showing a vulnerable pose, she also managed to evoke its strength.  The piece called “Grief” now sits near my favorites books in our living room.  I think Krista should make more figurative sculptures.  Don’t you agree?

Grief, A Pitcher, and A Bourbon Bottle (something one might need to conquer grief)

Aaron’s work is a little more whimsical.  I especially love his dromedary candle holder.  His work is low-fired earthenware mostly fired in an electric kiln.  Aaron has a degree in ceramics and has apprenticed with renowned potter Mark Hewitt.  Both Aaron and Krista will be showing their pieces at Green Lantern Studios, 261 High Street in Mineral Point this weekend.  Saturday May 7th 10am-6pm and Sunday May 8th 10am-6pm.  Go visit them as well as the other artists who will be participating.

Happy Springtime All 🙂

Aaron Weaver Creations




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