This is about the time when I start complaining about summer not being long enough.  I haven’t done everything outdoorsy that I’ve wanted to do on my list.  On that list is a kayak trip on the Wisconsin.  Looking through our “food adventure” pictures folder, I realized I’ve almost forgotten about this sweet little place.  It’s hard to figure out exactly what to call this restaurant (Wisconsin Riverside Resort aka Shifflet’s aka Riverside Grille) in Spring Green.  There is a pool and campground on one part of the property and a restaurant and a canoe/kayak launch into the river on the other side.  One thing for sure, it’s a great place to start or end an adventure on the Wisconsin River.


For us, it was for a weekday lunch.  I had “Stinky Burger” (rolled in fresh garlic and topped with blue cheese and onion rings) and Keith had the chicken soup and the “Spicy Burger” (loaded with jalapeno and cream cheese).  I was pleasantly surprised when they asked how I would like my burger cooked, a sign that they have good beef in-house.  I like mine medium well, just slightly pink.  They did not disappoint, the burger was very juicy and perfectly cooked.  I could have done without the blue cheese though because I love garlic so much.  The onion rings added a nice crunch and the fries were delicious.  Keith enjoyed his jalapeno burger and chicken soup.  One thing we will need to do differently next time is to add at least a 3 hour kayaking trip on the river to help burn some of the calories we consumed!  Waaah, summer is too short…


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