A few weeks ago the whole town was perfumed with lilacs.  The purple and white flowers were blooming all around and I wondered if they were at all edible.  It turns out they are!  I found some recipes to make lilac jelly, lilac scones and bread.  A few sites even suggested burying some flowers in sugar to get lilac scented sugar.  I decided to make some jelly but there was just one little problem, I didn’t have any lilacs growing in my yard.  I thought about stealing some flowers when Ollie dog and I went out on a walk but I felt really really guilty.  They were everywhere.  People wouldn’t miss a few blooms I thought.  Next I thought I should just ask my neighbor for some because their lilac bush was hanging over my fence but I could not remember their name!  Then I called a few friends.  It turned out that most of them do not have lilacs except for C and B.  B went a little crazy and brought me a huge bag of the stuff.  I guess I finally got what I wanted.  So let me tell you how to make lilac jelly.

First, you want to soak the blooms in water to clean.  Pick out the flowers then place them in jars.  Add boiling water into the jars, cover, and let it sit overnight.  Strain and cook the liquid with sugar and pectin and place into sterilized jars.  They jelly should be set by the next day.

I was excited to have my first taste of lilac jelly.  I took a little spoonful then timidly put it in my mouth.  Blegh!!!  It was so disgusting and I was a bit upset because I had made 8 jars of it.  Would you like one?  Lesson of the day, just because something is edible it doesn’t mean you should eat it!  Apparently, Michael Ruhlman likes the stuff.  He’s no expert.  The best thing to do with lilacs is to leave them alone or place them in a vase.


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