The other night, we were invited to a campfire dinner by our friends JM & Nichole at Gov. Dodge State Park.  That was just perfect because for me, there are only three good things about camping: the fire, some good company, and the s’mores!  Nichole suggested that we start off dinner with some s’mores, my kinda girl.  Why wait until the end of dinner for dessert anyway?  The meal included chicken breast with blueberry sauce cooked on a wood plank, buttery roasted fingerling potatoes, tomato tarts with mustard, buttered sweet corn with grains of paradise and parmigiano.  To drink we had orange soda, Capri Sun, and rootbeer.  JM and Nichole brought 4 top mustards they loved from judging at the World-Wide Mustard Competition.  I couldn’t get enough of the Earth & Vine Chipotle Honey Lime Mustard (pictured at the bottom of the collage).  It was just perfect mixed with the sweet corn.

There was rain and thunderstorm a couple of hours before our dinner but thankfully it stopped.  The sun came out just in time for sunset, the trees were dewy and you could smell the wet earth, we laughed a lot, my pants were sticky with marshmallow, and Kiko the dog “sang her fine soprano”.  We drove home, happy to spend a sweet summer evening with friends.


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