One of the best things to get as a gift in the winter is a box of citrus fruits.  It is even better when it is picked by a wonderful friend right from their family’s backyard.  “She Who Must Not Be Named” must remain so because apparently you cannot mail fruit out of Florida except when you order from those big companies with the shiny catalogs.  Thank goodness it went through!

“The Box of Shoes” 

The cheese box in the fridge has gotten a bit difficult to close.  I received plenty of cheese as gifts during the holidays (not that I’m complaining).  One of my favorites cheeses is Roelli’s Dunbarton Blue.  It is especially nice whenever I receive a wedge from my cute little piano student (from the Roelli family) at Christmas time.  To pace myself from eating it, I thought it would be sensible to pair it with some lovely orange wedges.  Along with a few lemon oregano leaves from my mini herb garden and a drizzle of peppery olive oil, it is a delectable burst of sunshine to a winter’s palate.



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