Leslie has been on a tagine cooking kick recently.  Lots of meat, lots of vegetables, not so many carbs.  It’s not really working for me though.  Keith without carbs is not someone you want to know.  At work yesterday the deprivation finally became too much and I was hit with a craving for bagels.  Bad.  But I couldn’t convince Leslie to go into Madison that night, so we had to make them ourselves.  A quick search turned up a nice recipe on Serious Eats (originally from Jo Goldenberg’s by way of Bernard Clayton).  We didn’t follow the recipe precisely (that’s not an option when Leslie is involved)  but we stuck pretty closely.  The biggest differences were that we used molasses instead of malt syrup to boil the bagels, and we boiled them a bit longer and baked a bit less then the recipe calls for.  We gave them a minute and a half in the water and 20 minutes in the oven.  Next time I would add 5 minutes to our bake time though, as the recipe suggests.

Since Leslie has recently become quite the master baker (making noodles and steam buns at Kusaka has helped her  ingredient measuring discipline) she handled the dough.  I handled the boiling–nobody works a slotted spoon like me.

A bagel is a nice thing.  But an everything bagel is something special.  To top our bagels, we mixed up dried minced garlic, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, a bit of sea salt, and some onions we minced and dried in the oven.

They came out nearly perfect.  The crumb was chewy and medium density with scattered large gas bubbles.  The crust had a bite, but fell just a little short of any crunch.  As I said, a few more minutes in the oven would have been ideal.  We ate the bagels plain at first, since we’re working on the recipe.  But after one or two we got out our favorite bagel topping– Crave Brothers Marscarpone cheese.  Incidently, marscarpone is also fantastic on my other favorite toroidal pasty, the Greenbush Bakery old fashioned doughnut.

The name of this bagel has two meanings to me,  It is an everything bagel not just because it has “everything” on it, but because it can be anything, and everything you want it to be.  Breakfast?  Check.  Lunch?  Sure.  Dinner?  Midnight snack?  Picnic food?  Road trip?  Last meal before execution?  You get the idea.

A Better 2nd Batch


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