The weather has been gorgeous.  We left the windows open overnight.  I was woken up by birds chirping and a cool breeze at around 6AM.  I felt very energetic and decided to head over to the Merry Christmas Mine Hill for a short hike.  As I stepped outside, I was met with a heavy scent of apple blossoms.  I put my headphones on for some Verdi.  Over the top and romantic.  Perfect, I thought.  So I walk down Spruce St. where Thomas the Old English Sheepdog never forgets to say hello.  I saw some lilac bushes (more appropriate, trees!) starting to bloom.  The town is full of them.  Some bleeding hearts and globe hyacinths.  A short stop at the bridge between the two old willows where Brewery Creek runs where I observed some small plump clouds and blue sky through the curtains of yellow green.  White flowers, yellow flowers, and trumpet flowers.  At the top of the hill, there was a parade of apple trees with fat, white and light pink blooms.  The arched wild raspberry vines made my mouth water at what’s to come later in the summer.  The lush blades of grass were covered in dew drops and the wetness had permeated my shoes.  Time to sprint back home for some tea.  Spring, you show off!

If you are a spring lover, come celebrate with my friends and I this Saturday night at the Mineral Point Opera House for the “Winter Is Over” program.

Sweet Spring



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