Two weeks ago, Keith and I celebrated our 9th year together.  He bought me a baby blue Schwinn town bike and I got him a Pamela Callahan oil painting entitled “Too Many Nougats”.  I’ve always had this romantic idea of riding a cool retro bike to the farmer’s market while wearing a dress or a skirt and carrying my haul in a cute little wicker basket attached to the bike.  Anyway, it was pretty cold last Saturday but nothing was going to stop me.  I wore a wool dress, tights, and knee high boots.  I spotted little Charlie at the Shooting Star booth grinning from ear to ear, cross legged, and reading a book.  The market was already busy considering that it was only eight thirty, the official time the Mineral Point Market opens.  A man named Delbert was selling lilac bouquets and plants.  I confessed to him that I had been stealing lilac blooms all over town because I didn’t have any and promised to buy a plant next time.  I was early because Kathy Bures promised there would be someone selling morels.  I quickly scanned the crowd and found my morel man.  Yes, it was fifteen dollars for the pound but it was well worth it!

Scrambled Eggs with Morels & Chives


If you have not prepared morels before, you should soak them in salt water for at least a couple of hours or longer.  This will drive away any unwanted little critters and wash away the soil and sand.  After that, a few rinses, then it is ready to use.  We prepared it simply but frying it in a little butter and olive oil then adding some beaten eggs and topping it with some garden chives and chive blossoms and just a whisper of grated parmigiano.  The morels were perfectly earthy and savory, the egg soft and custardy, and lastly a delightful pop of sound and gentle flavor from the unopened chive bud.  Just gorgeous.

Some people say that living in a small town is boring but I have found and continue to find “too many nougats” of joy here.  Cheers to that!

 Morels, Garden Chives, & Stumpf Eggsmorelseggschives





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