It has been absolutely gorgeous out these last couple of mornings.  Right after I woke up and looked out of the kitchen window the other day, I felt this big desire to take a picture of a frosty maple leaf.  Does that ever happen to you?  So I bundled-up, stepped outside, and searched for just the right leaf.  It was a perfect bronze color, slightly curled at the tips, and the tiny specks of ice surrounding it sparkled silver from the early light.


I went from the front yard to the garden out back, to the neighbor’s yard, Pendarvis, the prairie surrounding Merry Christmas Mine Hill near Brewery Creek, Shakerag, then up High Street.  I even got a good look at the new sculpture park, High Point Arts.  A few minutes turned to thirty then two hours had passed when I finally made it back home.  Ollie dog was not too thrilled that I forgot to give him breakfast, again.  Sometimes I get a bit carried away looking for beauty but I think I got a pretty nice haul.  What do you think?


Café con leche means coffee with milk in Spanish.  It’s a 1:1 ratio of milk to coffee.  My favorite way to make coffee  is with my little AeroPress.  This way, you get a smooth beverage with no bitterness and without that undesirable tannic aftertaste.  Make coffee the way you like it then heat up some milk in a small sauce pan.  Whisk the milk vigorously when it is hot (if you want some foam) then pour it into your cup with the coffee.  Add sugar to taste.  I love to sip it then eat the foam with a spoon!  Have a wonderful day. 🙂




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